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Sweet is the sound of the water that crashes to the shore Triumphantly telling us summer's made its place here With you there's nothing to be timid of As the ocean water, cool, sweeps us up answering our new love Light is my heart after ages of darkness without hope And in the sky fledgling birds share joy in new experience Like them my soul is soaring reckless, free While the rhythm of the breeze carries all of us effortlessly Son for sunshine I sing a song sublime since you approached me Son for sunshine so splendid as the summer goes on We laugh and we smile, gazing over the fields of green and gold The brightness of the blue sky reflected in your blue eyes Life is a never-ending adventure I'm so glad to have you here with me in the sunshine finally
Orange sky and fields of gold Harvest high and love untold Worries all far away today The summer fades, the evenings long But embers burn the quiet song In my heart still aglow, nowhere to go Fresh and swirling is the breeze And we enjoy delicacies Desires all satisfied inside Spices bring heavenly scent Aromas tracing time well spent In the arms of my love, nothing above Ay la la la la la la y The radiant embrace of Autumn Ay la la la la la la y I'm right where I'm meant to be Ay la la la la la la y Nothing's going to come between us Safe and warm in the embrace of fall Our hearts swirling with the leaves Ay la la la la la la y The radiant embrace of Autumn Ay la la la la la la y I'm right where I'm meant to be Ay la la la la la la y Nothing's going to come between us Safe and warm in the embrace of fall And I'm never going to leave
Love, please hold me closer as the snow covers the ground Soon blanketing us til there's no sound World outside is still in my heart, the pulse whispers low Fearful that we won't survive the winter We go through the motions, I can feel you pull away Like bitter, steadfast ice I will stay Crystalizing firm on our love, the worry builds up Darling, tell me we'll endure the winter Cold, cold all around us like the cold inside my veins Death of our love brings me so much pain Love, please hold me close and let me believe in your warmth I don't think that we'll get through the winter
Lilacs, the fragrance bittersweet in the fleeting weeks of May Purple haze lingering to keep my here What's one more tear to shed for you this time of year Listen, I do, to the echoes, mauve and blue For you I sigh, wonder why My heart won't forget what you said in the spring we met You said forever, you said for always You said that winter, summer and fall We were building a life that would withstand all pain But spring came again Same refrain filling my ears All my fears came true that day, that past May Still it lingers on, though you're gone In the scent of the haunting lilacs
Remember, won’t you Remember those sweet summer days In the backyard by the lawn Two little girls carried on, carried on The pathway went by The pathway that passed the garden Beside the hammock in the tree Those summers were so carefree, so carefree The winters too, remember, won’t you The quiet calm with the snow fallen new The rush of joy when we both knew Our sleds would be out on the hillside soon I know that in life Our paths always go where they will But one thing that will still be Is our childhood memories, memories


"The Bitter Suite" is a story told in song — a love story through the seasons.

In summer the romance is fresh, new and passionate, like the heat and excitement of the sunshine. In autumn our lovers have been together for years and settled into deep, cozy familiarity like the warm colours and hearty meals of fall. In winter the relationship has started to die, and like a world muted by heavy snowfall, our main character is numb and clinging to any shred of warmth. And as spring arises and the world awakens each year, our character vividly remembers the spring long ago that she met her lost love.


released October 12, 2018

Compositions and arrangements by Marie Goudy

Produced by John MacLeod

Jocelyn Barth / voice
Marie Goudy / trumpet & voice
Brad Eaton / trumpet & flugelhorn
Matt Woroshyl / alto & soprano saxophone
John Nicholson / tenor saxophone & voice
Conrad Gluch / baritone saxophone
Charlotte Alexander / French horn
Paul Tarussov / trombone
Zach Smith / trombone
Chris Platt / guitar
Josh Smiley / piano
Alex Lakusta / bass
Keagan Eskritt / drums
Andrés Gándara / vihuela

Recorded and mixed February 2018 at Canterbury Music Company, Toronto, by Jeremy Darby and Julian Decorte

Mastered by Peter Letros at Wreckhouse Mastering, Toronto

Photography by Danielle Smiley, Genevieve Marentette, Bill Beard

We would like to acknowledge funding support from the Ontario Arts Council, an agency of the Government of Ontario. Produced with the support of the City of Toronto through the Toronto Arts Council.


all rights reserved



Marie Goudy Toronto, Ontario

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